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T.M.C.'s SCSI MATE line of terminated adapters allows the mixing of 50, 68, or SCA 80 pin drives on the same SCSI bus, while keeping both ends properly terminated. Major SCSI controller card manufacturers such as Adaptec strongly recommend actively terminating the unused signal lines when adding a narrow, 50 pin device to the end of a wide SCSI bus.

T.M.C.'s SCSI MATE terminated adapters offer two advantages over terminated cables: lower cost and the flexibility to use an existing 50 pin cable of any length. Because only the unused signal lines are terminated inside the adapter, a standard 50 pin active terminator can be used at the end of the narrow side of the bus.

T.M.C. stocks the SCSI MATE adapters in active, differential, and non-terminated types, for both internal and external applications. For optimum performance, use the SCSI MATE in conjunction with our active or differential terminator products.

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